Green Glass
Printing on tiles
Green Glass
Branding tools
Green Glass
Printing on tools
Green Glass
Processing of ceramics and glass



Green Glass dominates a number of fields, from the production of kilns,
Manufacturing decorative tiles, branding and printing on Dinnerware, decals
production and processing of glass and ceramics.
In every field we devote our full attention,
Knowledge and experience accumulated over the years .
by that we can provide hige quality product and professional service to the


Green Glass advocates sincerity, Full Disclosure and customer participation
throughout the purchase process and after that.
Therefore we makes sure to give as much information as possible and be
available at any time for questions and help.


Part of our service, we advocate giving the customer a feeling as
And a sociable environment,
  .We do it by cooperation, help and advice
We keep All this while giving A sympathetic ear and A pleasant experience


Green Glass is responsible for the entire production process and ensures
quality control of products at high standards even after the product is
we also provides a human response to any problem at any time.